technological solutions to transform industrial waste into smart fertilizers

About us
We are commited in promoting circular economy and sustainable development

Industrial solid waste is an environmental liability and, when poorly managed, a source of pollution.

We have designed a solution in which we can transform industrial waste into smart fertilizers.

Our fertilizer shows slow and controlled release of potassium. Moreover, it can also acts as soil amendment, improving soil health. In this way, it can retain ammonium, avoiding GHG emissions, retain water, providing drought resistance, and immobilize heavy metals, preventing them from reaching our food chain.

Our services
We offer tailored R&D projects to help you transform waste into high added value materials
Our team
We are team of two women, entrepreneurs, and scientists
Camila Flores
Co-founder & CEO
Helena Schneider
Co-founder & CTO
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Porto Alegre, Brazil
Strasbourg, France
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